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The Catalina Connection

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

An Ensenada Mexican cartel employs a new narcotics smuggling method through Santa Catalina Island into the Southern California lucrative drug market. High-speed luxury power boats are used to move the drugs across the border. A strong Santa Ana wind plays a role in the plot’s discovery and two old CIA/DEA friends form a partnership to identify the smugglers and attempt to capture the gang.

A beautiful Mexican detective who has purposely involved herself in the smuggling scheme aids the friends. The plot involves some real-life characters and is essentially a modern cops and robbers story that is set against the backdrop of the coastal Southern and Baja Californias, and at times is both sensitive and humorous. The story is not without its fair share of romance that may tickle the reader’s intimate imagination. Come join the fun, intrigue, loving and adventure.


What people are saying:

I bought this book based on the title and plot summary and was not disappointed.

It's a clever story about drugs, money and corruption with some interesting characters and familiar settings for those who know the southern California area. The plot has some great twists and turns that draw you in deeper as the action plays out on both sides of the border on and off shore. The characters are believable and the storyline all too close to reality.

Dan has another adventure book, Tradewinds Calling, that is next on my reading list.

And I'm waiting for the sequel to this one....


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