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Terror in the Gulf

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

It could happen again, a massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, but not by accident this time. Three international terrorists accompanied by a gorgeous Colombian model, arrive at a little Mexican fishing village during the summer of 2014. They charter a fishing trawler; load it with C4 explosives and head for the deep-water oil fields...

Exceeding the BP disaster of April 2010 would strike a major blow for al-Qaeda against the United States in the Gulf of Mexico. Another economic and ecological disaster offshore from our southern coastal states would far exceed the financial loss of oil production. As often in life- romance, villainy and heroism all play a role in this explosive story of deceit, love and adventure. Buy Book on Amazon


What people are saying:

Dan Feltham's "Terror in the Gulf" is a fast-paced combination of action and love stories. Using a strong narrative voice, the author presents the thoroughly believable story of a jihadist attack on off-shore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The protagonist, ,Pedro, is a veteran of the Colombian drug wars hired to lead the assault, and the technological aspects of the plot read like a story from tomorrow's news. The "love" angle serves as the psychological fulcrum around which the plot pivots as the action speeds to a final confrontation in a small fishing village on the Mexican coast. Throughout, the author shows a convincing sense of place, especially of the Gulf and its various moods. The many readers who like Clive Cussler's books will be happy with Dan Feltham's action-filled story.


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