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Mount Rushmore's Legacy

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The legacy of Mount Rushmore is and will always be the contributions to America of the four great men encased in that mountain’s granite – Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. However, imagine if these American icons could mysteriously come alive, and travel through today’s Middle America to view and hear the country’s moods and problems.

This story then gives them the privilege of presenting their observations and wisdom to a joint session of Congress. They preach common sense, integrity, fiscal solutions and cooperation to the current Congress, a Congress that many consider to be totally dysfunctional.

Each president is given a new identity and they travel incognito through countryside and

city, experiencing emotional encounters and humorous scenes. They each visit their family homes and relate some unique American history to their escorting hosts, for instance, George Washington to Mount Vernon and Jefferson at Monticello. A concurrent story thread involves the Sioux Indian Nation and their ongoing attempt to regain ownership of the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

This book is admittedly surreal, but is intended to entertain while emphasizing the need to retain Constitutional Law, protect our precious American freedoms and. honor the traditional pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in a society that seems to be more contentious than it need be, much more divided than it should be.

No one book can fully change the future.

Or can it?

What people are saying:

This is a clever novel with political overtones and miraculous events. Imagine Native American spirits teaming up with 4 of our founding fathers to tackle the major issues confronting our nation. Given a brief reprieve, the 4 travel the country and meet with ordinary folks on their way to Washington DC for a showdown with the president and political leaders. Along the way, they learn firsthand about the many challenges facing our nation, and start formulating ideas that could return the country on the path to greatness. It's a fanciful story that will amuse and entertain you and get us wishing for the return of such great men.


The preface of this book alone would make any American proud. What a remarkable way to rekindle the legacy that we Americans have from an earlier period in history by way of our past presidents! What a surprise! I thought it was a book of history and yet it is actually a story. It starts with a conversation between a man and his wife. Cute couple in their

middle years and still in love. They endure a strange storm in the middle of the

night and when they get to their destination, they learn that it has been closed.

They have come a long way to view Mt. Rushmore and the four presidents, (Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson,) and found that they are gone! The former presidents have been freed from solid granite to carry out a patriotic mission.This book covers everything from the national monuments, all of the wars, what life was like before certain inventions, the American Indians, slavery, poverty, national landmarks, coal legislation, the national parks, and discrimination.

Excerpts from the book - “They just re-enacted the 150th anniversary of that battle and I read that more than 50,000 people attended”, commented Katie. “The re-enactments are a big deal around these parts.” Link replied, “Why on earth do they want to glorify that war, much of it a harvest of death? It sickens me. You have two real wars going on right now.

Does this sound familiar?

“We four also happen to believe that our beloved country is now in dire straights and that the Constitution and the rights of American citizens are being seriously abused. Socialism and national bankruptcy are distinct possibilities. Poverty and drug abuse are widespread. Graft and self-serving favoritism is the norm among many of you in this audience. Much of the population is frightened of the future and very angry."

"We have been told by many that your president has no national objective other than to make this country into a third world socialist welfare state, and his more recent prime motivation is to get re-elected a second term in order to continue his socialistic policies."

“The rights we have – to pursue life, liberty, and happiness - are from God and not from a government. Those rights are not to be trifled with! The job of government is to protect our rights, not to enslave us by arbitrary dictates."

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government."

"We founded this nation on Christian principles."

"Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career."

"This is the land of the free, yes, but should not be the home of the dead brave."

“I don’t want to even touch upon the subject of same-sex marriage, except to say that for me it makes about as much sense for a person to marry a tree or a rock."

"Our God defined marriage to be only between a man and a woman; anything else is an abomination."

“With regard to immigration, we are a nation of immigrants, but for any person to become a citizen I believe they should have to earn it – learn English, pass an English proficiency test, be crime free, serve in the Military and be a resident for five years. A written and driving test is necessary for a driver’s license, so why not for the more important citizenship. Non-citizens should not be allowed to vote. They haven’t earned that right. I don’t think that any of you can go vote in Mexico or Canada. As for the twelve million or so illegals already here, you cannot just send them home. I think they should apply for and receive temporary work permits and immediately start the citizenship process, and they should all pay taxes or suffer the consequences."

I actually cried with Abe Lincoln when he stood upstairs in the house he built and remembered his life with his wife and the family that they created there.

Oh my God, how can you not cry for what this country was, needs and should be?

Spellbinding! If you were like me and never cared for history, it is condensed into short paragraphs that tell it all without all of the boring details, or at least not like it was represented in my high school. If you are a history buff, then you will love this reminder of a bygone era that is represented by everyone who lives in the United States of America.

Buy this book and share it with every possible person that you can. The answers are clear and concise, and our problems have not changed in the last few years since this book was written. It is imperative that America wakes up and begins to change our laws, our elections, the very people that we put into government. Take a stand now! For freedom, justice, and a better future for all!


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